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Fresh round of electoral talks flop as FMS leaders keep off

Thursday March 4, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The electoral talks slated for today between President Mohamed Farmaajo and Federal Member States did not commence after it emerged that regional leaders did not travel to Mogadishu.

Villa Somalia announced the resumption of talks this week noting it was aimed at finalizing the Baidoa proposals set out by a joint technical team.

But the opposition immediately fought back the idea accusing Farmaajo of seeking to undermine the talks.

The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) said the decision to schedule a meeting yet there was already one between them and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble was aimed at scuttling progress.

The international community has hailed the ongoing talks between Roble and the CPC which is set for a third round today.

Both Jubbaland and Puntland had demanded the talks be held at a location chosen by the UN and AMISOM.


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