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Somalia kills 19 al-Shabaab terrorists in military operation

Friday June 11, 2021

The Somali army said it killed 19 al-Shabaab terrorists in an armed fight that took place in Doynunay, the southwestern Bay region.

"The Somali National Army (SNA) inflicted heavy casualties on the al-Shabaab terrorist group after the attack on Doynunay yesterday (Wednesday)," the military said in a statement on Thursday.

Residents in Doynunay, who spoke to Anadolu Agency, said both sides used heavy weaponry and fought for over an hour.

Al-Shabaab terrorists claimed that their fighters briefly took control of the town and a Somali military base, killing at least three soldiers.

Doynunay is a small town, 222 kilometers (137 miles) from Somalia's capital Mogadishu, and 20 kilometers (12 miles) to Baidoa city, the capital of Bay region.

On Wednesday, government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said the army arrested a senior al-Shabaab leader in an operation in the Middle Shabelle region.

The military said its recent ongoing operations in Middle Shabelle have killed more than 130 terrorists.

As the horn of African country is preparing to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the coming months, the military has intensified its operations against the terror group.


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