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Ethiopia foils infiltration attempt by terror group al-Shabab

Saturday July 31, 2021

An infiltration attempt by the terror group al-Shabab to Ethiopia from neighboring Somalia has been foiled, Ethiopian authorities said on Thursday.

In a press statement, Ethiopia's Somali region communication office said two suspected al-Shabab operatives were intercepted earlier this week.

"Two suspected al-Shabab operatives who tried to enter from neighboring Somalia to Ethiopia were intercepted in the Mustahil locality of Ethiopia Somali regional state," said the statement.

"One suspect was killed in a shootout, while the other suspect was injured and subsequently apprehended," the statement said.

Somalia has struggled with the lack of an effective central government since 1991 when former President Mohammed Siad Barre was ousted from power by armed rebellion, leading to the Somalia Civil War.

The weakness of the central government of Somalia has led to the proliferation of sea piracy, illegal fishing by foreign boats and attacks by terror groups, most notably al-Shabab.

In January, Ethiopia announced the arrest of dozens of suspected Ethiopian extremists linked to al-Shabab.


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