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AMISOM concludes Close Protection course for HirShabelle Police officers

Thursday July 22, 2021

HirShabelle State Police officers attend the closing of a VIP Close Protection course held in Jowhar, Somalia on 19 July 2021. AMISOM Photo

JOWHAR - At least twenty-five police officers from the HirShabelle State of Somalia have completed a ten-day intensive close protection course held in Jowhar.

The training conducted by the police component of the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM, aimed to enhance the capacity of the police to protect high ranking government officials and Very Important Persons, VIPs, ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections.

The AMISOM police coordinating officer for HirShabelle State, Mutama Agtin, said the training would enable the Somali Police to protect the lives and properties of leaders and the community.

“VIP protection training gives skills and knowledge on how to protect citizens, Members of Parliament and other categories of important personalities and their properties. It is important for AMISOM police to train our Somali counterparts to protect VIPs, especially during and after elections,” stated Agtin.

The AMISOM Civil Affairs Officer and Coordinator in HirShabelle State, Christopher Ogwang Aria, who closed the training on Monday, reaffirmed AMISOM’s commitment to supporting the Somali Police through training.

“It is the mandate of AMISOM to support the Somali police in the area of operation, mentoring, and training,” said Ogwang.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, a police officer from HirShabelle State Police, Salad Ahmed Mohamed, stated that the police officers would apply the skills gained to serve the people.

“It is our hope to apply the skills we learnt and protect our VIPs and share the acquired knowledge with our colleagues who did not get such opportunity,” said Salad.

The Acting AMISOM police lead trainer for HirShabelle State, ASP Aluisine Fkarybo, said, “Skills gained in this course will enable the participants to effectively perform their professional duties especially before, during and after the elections.”

A female trainee, Fardowsa Omar Abdi, said the training had equipped her with skills to perform her policing duties effectively.

“We also learned how to detect explosive devices planted at roadsides and on aircraft. We also gained skills in self-defence. If you defend your life, you can defend another person’s life,” she said.


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