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Hirshabelle officials insist Hiiraan safe, blast CPC comments

Tuesday July 20, 2021

Beledweyne (HOL) - The governor of the Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte Osman, recently took aim at comments made by the Council of Presidential Candidates.

The council released a statement on Sunday where they raised concerns about the upcoming elections. The council said that the political and security situation in Hiiraan remains fragile and questioned whether credible polls could be held in the region.

Jeyte said the statement from the presidential hopefuls that Beledweyne was offensive to its residents.

"It is sad and shocking what the men who are claiming the Council of (Presidential ) Candidates have said, and it is an insult to the people of Beledweyne to say that no election can take place in Beledweyne," said Jeyte.

Officials from the Union of Candidates also addressed the statement, including Hirshabelle, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Siraaji Sheikh Ishaq and Beledweyne District Commissioner Osman Dhubow, who said Beledweyne was safe and elections would take place.

Beledweyne District Commissioner Osman Dhubow said the council is chock-full of spoilers seeking to sow chaos in Beledweyne.

Ishaq also echoed Jeyte's sentiments and suggested that the council's statement insulted Beledweyne residents and demanded an apology from the council.


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