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Banadir regional security commissioner supports Puntland execution of Al-Shabab

Saturday July 10, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Banadir region's deputy governor for security and politics, Ali Yare Ali, has welcomed the execution of 18 Alshabab members in Puntland earlier this week. The nearly two dozen men were convicted of being behind a spate of killings and bombings in Galkayo since 2008.

"We support the administration of the Mudug region in Puntland in their courageous decision not to turn a blind eye to the enemies of the Somali people, Al-Shabaab, and urge them to intensify their efforts," said Ali Yare in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the deputy governor said the government would prosecute people who have been speaking out in support al-Shabaab in local media.

" I was surprised today when I watched TV and saw people in the Banadir region advocating for criminals who have confessed and have been convicted. We cannot share Banadir with people supporting Al-Shabaab, and we will hold those people accountable," Ali Yare said.

The deputy governor for security and politics of the Benadir region said those currently in custody have confessed to numerous killings in Mogadishu and south Galkayo, and therefore it is a big mistake to defend them in a clan-based manner.


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