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SOMA conducted Safety and Election Coverage Training Workshops For Journalists in Baidoa and Jowhar

Monday January 25, 2021

A four –day training workshops on two separate occasions has been conducted in both Baidoa city , South West State and Jowhar city, Hirshabelle State of Somalia respectively.

The two training workshops supported by IMS/FOJO and implemented by the Somali Media Association (SOMA) have been focusing on election coverage and safety of journalists.

The first training which was held at Ruun Jinaad Hotel in Baidoa City from 11th to 14th January 2021 have been participated by twenty journalists mainly from different media stations operational in the districts of Afgoye, Barava,Wanlaweyn, Hudur and Baidao of South West State.

While the second training workshop which was held at Safa Hotel in Jowhar city from 18th to 21st January 2021 have been attended by twenty journalists mainly editors and reporters from various media outlets working in the key districts of Beleweyne city, Jowhar city and Balad city of Hirshabelle State.

The main purposes of the two similar training workshops were to highlight and improve the protection and professionalism of journalists and the media during the election campaigns in Somalia.

The key courses covered during the two training workshops sessions included Situational Awareness, Civil unrest, Risk Assessment, Vehicle Safety and Travel, Personal and workplace security, Digital Security, Suicide attacks and IEDs, Security forces and the media, Accommodation Safety and Security, Planning, Medical: Trauma First Aid, professional election reporting step by step and Sensitivity related to the election time.

The journalists participating in both workshop sessions have pointed out the safety and election coverage training workshop was very significant need at this stage when the country is preparation for elections.

Mohamed Osman Makaraan, Chairman of the Somali Media Association (SOMA) has expressed expectation that the journalists have benefited from the training workshops held in Baidoa city and Jowhar city and appreciated to IMS/FOJO for the valuable support.

“The young journalists who have been provided with the opportunity to participate in the training were ready for the capacity building program, and IMS/FOJO is also considering additional trainings for the advantage of other journalists.” Abukar Al Badri, Program Coordinator of IMS/FOJO said speaking at the end of the workshop held in Baidoa city.

In closing remark, Muhudin Hassan Mohamed – Husni, President of South West Journalist Association has appreciated IMS/FOJO and SOMA for conducting the safety and election coverage training in Baidoa city citing the training has been implemented in the region at time when its most needed.

Furthermore, Ibrahim Ali Nur, Chairman of Middle Shabelle Media Association speaking at the closing ceremony held in Jowhar city has appreciated SOMA for conducting the training workshop, which is beneficial for the journalists of the Hirshabelle region.

In conclusion, certificates of attendance have been distributed to all the journalists participating in both training sessions , and the two workshop program activities conducted by SOMA in partnership with IMS/FOJO have been successfully concluded.


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