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Minneapolis Elder ‘Fearful’ After Suspect Who Shot Her Is Out On Bail

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By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield
Tuesday January 19, 2021

Halima Farah (credit: CBS)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 76-year-old Minneapolis woman who survived being shot and brutally beaten is sharing her story of survival.

Halima Farah fought back to survive after an attack two weeks ago.

Minnesota is where many natives of Somalia come to find refuge. But for Farah, her sense of peace is shattered.

“All of this has kind of terrorized me, and kind of like I’m fearful. I don’t know what to do,” Farah said through a translator.

The disruption started at about noon on the first Saturday of 2021. Farah took a bus to get a money order to pay her $900 rent. A young woman followed her to her door

“I pull out my key … and she is standing next to me,” Farah said.

Police say 21-year-old De’Seanna Williams was standing at her door, which is where things got ugly.

“I told her get out of my way, leave me alone … she pulled a pistol and point to me. When I saw the gun, and I start [to feel scared]. My life was in danger. She just pushed me and she fired the gun and hit me on the hip. I lost control … lost my navigation and she fired another bullet, hit me in the butt, on the side,” Farah said. “She grabbed my purse and my hijab and [dragged] me and ran away with that, and I see the blood in my face, all over in my back and all over … pool of blood.”

Minneapolis police say Williams confessed to attacking and robbing Farah. She is now free on bail. As much pain as Farah is in, she says Williams’s freedom is what hurts the most.

De’Seanna Williams (credit: Hennepin Co. Jail)

“Do we have a justice here in this country?” Farah said. “This person … she’s out there, there is nothing we can do.”

Farah says she’s deeply grateful for the police officers, doctors and nurses who’ve helped her stay strong, as this fighter of a woman seeks peace once again.

“It’s God’s will,” Farah said. “Everything’s gonna be OK.”

Williams is expected in court on Feb. 2. Farah says until then, she is staying inside because she is still so scared.

Investigators believe Williams has targeted other Somali victims. She faces assault and robbery charges. They’re also investigating her in a handful of other cases.


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