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Don’t fund partial elections pushed by Farmaajo, Somali opposition tells donors

Wednesday January 13, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) which brings together 14 opposition presidential candidates in Somalia has warned donors against financing elections in sections of the country being pushed by President Mohamed Farmaajo noting such a move could endanger the stability of the country.

In a letter addressed to the international community, the Council said the decision by Farmaajo to go ahead with elections in ‘friendly’ Federal Member States after failing to secure an agreement with the opposition ‘will irreversibly deepen the fragmentation of the country.’

“The Council of the Presidential Candidates would like to forewarn our international
partners against resourcing and agreeing to this dangerous staged political farce aimed
at sustaining the incumbent’s regime,” the statement read in part.

The remarks come after it emerged that Villa Somalia has ordered for a go-ahead of elections in Galmudug, HirShabelle, South West and Banaadir and Gedo regions absenting Jubbaland and Puntland.

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The last two states which remain critical of the Federal Government have since stood ground against the elections demanding the withdrawal of federal troops from Gedo region.

The opposition groups also demanded ‘the establishment of a detailed framework that sanctions a legitimate and fair process for the selection of new members of the electoral implementation committees.

Other demands by the opposition include the holding of elections in Federal Member States capitals instead of two electoral centres agreed to in September and endorsed by parliament.

But in a rejoinder Tuesday, the international community said there was no room for reopening of the September deal.

“There can be no re-opening of the 17 September Agreement or the creation of an alternative or parallel process.  Broadly inclusive understandings on its implementation are needed to ensure the credibility of this process.” the international community said in a joint statement.


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