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Opposition in Somalia appeals to UN Security Council to eject president over failed elections

Monday February 22, 2021


MOGADISHU (HOL) - Opposition groups in Somalia have appealed to the UN Security Council to intervene in the country’s ongoing political gridlock, accusing president Mohamed Farmaajo of clinging to power and seeking to assassinate his political enemies.

An umbrella of 15 presidential candidates calling itself the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) Saturday urged the UN Security Council currently chaired by the UK to intervene in ending Farmaajo’s extended stay in office.

“We urge your Excellency to intervene swiftly with Farmaajo as the political legitimacy of our fragile institutions require him to make immediate provisions for a transfer of power, step down from the office of the presidency, handover the power to a National Transitional Council consisting of Federal Member State Presidents and the two Speakers of the Lower House and Upper House of the Parliament, and cease all interference in the electoral process,” the CPC said.

The Security Council is meeting today to discuss the situation in Somalia.

The opposition candidates, who include two former presidents and a former prime minister, urged the Security Council to investigate circumstances that it said amounted to their members’ attempted assassinations.

“On February 18-19, federal government forces under the command and control of former President Farmaajo attempted to assassinate several presidential candidates and opposition leaders, as the forces opened fire on them and other protesters who had gathered peacefully in Mogadishu to demand immediate elections,” the statement read in part.

The opposition has called for the formation of a Transitional Council to oversee the preparation of elections and for President Farmajo to hand over power

Attempts to reach a deal between Farmaajo and the Federal Member States have failed severally.


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