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AU warns AMISOM against involvement in political infighting in Somalia

Saturday February 20, 2021


MOGADISHU (HOL) - The African Union has warned its forces serving in Somalia not to be embroiled in Somalia’s ongoing political convulsions and instead act with impartiality.

A memo from the acting director of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union urged AMISOM Forces to keep off the disputes between the government and the opposition.

“The AUC wishes to remind AMISOM that caution should be exercised in responding to this situation. In this regard, AMISOM should not be seen to be taking sides but should abide by the principle of neutrality,” the memo read in part.

All personnel and equipment movements should be restricted and geared towards the protection of personnel and property of the AU and the UN, the statement added.

The Council, however, directed the AU force only to engage if critical installations such as Villa Somalia are breached ‘using minimum force’. Meanwhile, AU Commission chairman Moussa Faki has condemned yesterday’s violence and called or restrain.

“We condemn all forms of violence and call on Somali stakeholders to refrain from acts that might jeopardize peace and security in the country and to work together to find a consensual solution that will break the current political stalemate,” Faki said.


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