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Renown Somali cleric Sheikh Nuur Baruud dies in Mogadishu

Wednesday February 17, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Prominent cleric Sheikh Nuur Baruud has died in Mogadishu following admission at De Martini Hospital.

Multiple sources said Baruud died of COVID-19 although there was no official communication on what killed the long-serving cleric.

De Martini Hospital was designated a COVID-19 facility last year and has since been strictly handling COVID-19 cases.

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President Mohamed Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble led the nation in paying tributes to the deceased cleric whom they described as pivotal in ‘the Islamic course and Somali awakening’.

The former cleric has also been hailed for his contribution to peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts in Somalia.
He was the spokesman of the Somali Clerics Association.


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