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Farmaajo to stay in office until new president is elected-spokesman

Tuesday February 9, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - President Mohamed Farmaajo will stay in office until a new president is elected, government spokesman Mohamed Moalimuu has said as the opposition demands the president steps down to pave way for a transitional body.

Moalimuu told BBC Somali Service the resolution passed by parliament last October ensures there is no power vacuum even when the term of the president lapses.

"There is a resolution previously passed by the parliament which articulates that president and the lawmakers will stay in office until new leaders are elected,” Moalimuu said.

The spokesman was referring to a resolution jointly endorsed by the two houses of parliament in October which dictated that ‘parliament and other constitutional offices’ will remain in office until the election of new lawmakers.

The Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) said Monday they no longer recognise Farmaajo as president and called for the formation of a National Transitional Council to oversee the elections after the Federal Government and regional government leaders failed to reach a deal last week.

But the international community has warned against any parallel process and demanded the resumption of talks.


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