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Somali cabinet condemn “failed coup attempt” by Villa Somalia

Friday December 31, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Flanked by over a dozen federal ministers, Somalia’s Prime Minister held his weekly cabinet meeting on Thursday, where he condemned President Farmajo’s move to force him out of office earlier this week.

Roble’s spokesman, Mohamed İbrahim Moalimuu, said the cabinet condemned “the failed coup attempt” by Somalia’s President.

“H.E PM Mohamed H Roble chairs a weekly Cabinet meeting in which key issues related to the country's situation, politics, security  & elections were discussed. The Council condemns the failed coup attempt on 27 Dec against  HQ of  Council of Ministers &  Office of the PM Somalia.”

The rebuke of Farmajo by ministers in his own government comes amidst mounting pressure on Somalia’s leaders by the international community to immediately deliver credible polls, which has been dismissed by Somalia’s leading opposition figures as rigged by Villa Somalia.

Following the President’s decree to dismiss the PM on Monday over corruption allegations, Roble publicly called for Farmajo to step down as President, saying that his interference into the electoral process has made it impossible to manage.


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