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Qatar charity opens health centre in Somalia

Wednesday August 25, 2021

Qatar Charity (QC) has inaugurated a health centre in Tarkinli, Banadir region in Somalia, to provide services to 20,000 residents.

The opening ceremony was attended by Banadir governor Omar Mohamed Mahmoud, Qatar’s ambassador to Somalia Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, Banadir (social affairs) deputy governor Basma Amer Ahmed, Tarkanli district official Jihad Sheikh Hassan, Banadir region health officer Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, and QC Somalia Office director Abdel Nour Haj Ali Mursal.

In his speech at the ceremony, Moahmed Mahmoud thanked Qatar, the government and its people for their support and contribution to help vulnerable segments of Somali society.
The regional governor stressed that the health centre is a great contribution to support the Kawakdi residents and promote their wellbeing.

Hashem lauded the brotherly relationship between the two countries, stressing that Qatar is always keen on contributing to building the Somali state through sustainable projects and development of the Somali community, including the Mogadishu-Afgoye road project, and Mogadishu Jawhar.

Ahmed said the Qatar government and its people stood in solidarity with the Somali people, especially during crises and disasters.

Meanwhile, Hassan thanked the donors whose contributions save the lives of pregnant mothers, children, and the elderly.

“This project aims to provide healthcare for residents of the region, and cover the needs identified by the administration of the region to support the health sector, contributing to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the community members, and lowering mortality rates of pregnant women and children under the age of five,” Mursal said.

The health centre will provide various healthcare services, including first aid, women and children healthcare services, reproductive health, diagnostic services, vaccination, laboratory, and health awareness.

The QC has also inaugurated health centres in a number of Somali states to support the Somali health sector, in implementation of the agreement signed with Somalia’s health ministry to deliver health projects in accordance with the sectoral strategy and the ministry's priorities.


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