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Clan elders in Beletweyne hail Regional salvation forces, assure calm

Monday August 23, 2021

BELEDWEYNE (HOL) - Clan elders in Beletweyne have assured the public of calm and return to normalcy following a takeover of the town by Regional salvation army.

The elders who said they were speaking on behalf of the clan leader Ugaas Yusuf Hassan also hailed the revolt noting it ‘averted bloodshed’ in the town.

“We thank them (Regional salvation army leaders) for their courage in avoiding bloodshed in this town,” the leaders said noting the Regional salvation forces led by Col. Abdullahi Elmi and General

Huud did the right thing by blocking state president Ali Gudlawe from visiting.

Gudlawe who has been at loggerheads with clans in Hiiraan region was expected to arrive in Beletweyne today.

Sources told HOL Sunday night the rebel factions were angered by remarks from former president Ali Osoble and Deputy President Yusuf Dabageed who claimed Gudlawe will land in Beletweyne ‘by force’.

The elders also called on Prime Minister Mohamed Roble to intervene immediately in the situation.

They commended the Somali National Army for ‘restrain’ noting there would have been bloodshed had they intervened.

The Federal Government and HirShabelle government are yet to commend on the development.


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