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Military court sentences ISIS member to 15 years in prison

Monday August 23, 2021

Abdirizak Mohamed Abdi Jimale - SUPPLIED

Mogadishu (HOL) - A military court in Somalia has sentenced an ISIS member to a lengthy prison term on Monday.

Abdirizak Mohamed Abdi Jimale was ordered to serve the next 15 years behind bars for his role as a money mover for ISIS.

According to court documents, Jimale is said to have transferred over $400,000 through a company called 'Heeryo Trading Enterprise' between 2019 and 2020.

The money was received by Ugandan and Ethiopian nationals in South Africa.

NISA arrested Jimale in March. During his arrest, he was found to be in possession of $19,000 in US currency.

Before joining ISIS in 2016, the court heard that Jimale had been a member of Al-Shabaab, the more dominant Islamist militant faction in the region. Jimale was wounded in 2011 while fighting for Al-Shabaab against the transitional federal government of President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.


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