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ONLF leader urges Somalis to arm amid escalating tensions in Ethiopia

Saturday August 21, 2021

JIGJIGA (HOL) - The leader of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) Abdirahman Mahdi Maadey has urged Somalis to arm themselves in the wake of ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

In a wide ranging interview Friday, Maadey said other regions were arming their people and therefore Somalis must also follow suit.

"People should be prepared, arm themselves and buy weapons as the Amhara people were told to buy weapons and you should buy weapons and take your guns," the ONLF leader said.

He added that, 'If every man stays in his area, we will not be able to defend ourselves."

The call comes amid escalating tensions among states in Ethiopia after the Tigray conflict spread out to other regions.

Maadey however dismissed as 'politically motivated' recent clashes between Somalis and Afars in Garbise area of Somali state.

The issue is political and the Afar people have nothing to do with it, Afar and Somalis are brothers and the war is over, Maadey said.

On ONLF's relations with the state government, Maadey said the two sides were now relating well and that animonsities ended. He however added there were still cases of interference from the local government.


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