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Puntland picks 11 new senators in race marked by record pull out

Wednesday August 11, 2021


GAROWE (HOL) - Puntland parliament Wednesday elected all the 11 senators, becoming the first state to conclude the election of senators as other regional states such as HirShabelle and the Somaliland caucus are yet to announce the candidates.

However, virtually all the new senators went through without competition after their opponents pulled out of the race.

Only two candidates-Senator Abdirahman Faroole and Abdiqani Guelleh Mohamed, went to the ballot but defeated their opponents by more than 80% of the votes.

Puntland's electoral commission announced three women winners after their opponents in the women-only seats pulled out.

Somalia's PM Mohamed Hussein Roble congratulated the winners and urged the remaining states to complete the Upper House elections.

Read below the full list of the new senators-elect from Puntland:

1.    Abdirahman Faroole
2.    Mohamed Abdi Osman "Majino"
3.    Abdiqani Guelleh Mohamed
4.    Abdullahi Ali Hirsi "Timacade"
5.    Sareedo Mohamed Hassan
6.    Senator Farhan Ali Hussein
7.    Zaynab Ismail Mohamed
8.    Abdisamad Yusuf Mohamed
9.    Major General Mohamed Hassan "Jeyte"
10.    Samiro Mohamud Haji Awad
11.    Mohamed Ali Gagaab


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