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AMISOM accused of killing 7 civilians in Lower Shabelle

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Pictured are Ugandan soldiers during Operation Indian Ocean. Photo Credit: Wikiwand

Mogadishu (HOL) - A father in Lower Shabelle has told a radio station in Somalia on Tuesday that AMISOM forces operating near the Golweyn village killed his son and six other civilians.

In an interview with Radio Mogadishu, Mohamed Yonis Aden said his son was murdered close to a farm.

"My son and six others were captured by AMISOM forces and killed on the spot. All seven were killed, including the owner of the farm."

He added that the soldiers detonated a landmine after the killing.

Aden called on the Somali government to investigate the killing.

AMISOM confirmed that Ugandan forces were patrolling the main supply route between Beldamin-Golweyn on Tuesday. However, AMISOM contends that the seven individuals killed were Al-Shabaab militants attempting to ambush the Ugandan troops.

"During the counter-attack, seven terrorists were killed while others sustained injuries, and an assortment of weapons was recovered. AMISOM commends the bravery and fast action of its soldiers in which one peacekeeper sustained injuries."


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