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South West state elects five senators including two women

Monday August 2, 2021


MOGADISHU (HOL) - Lawmakers in South West State elected the first five senators, following Jubaland, which elected its senators last Thursday.

Two of the five seats were explicitly allocated to women to achieve the 30% quota in parliamentary elections.

The following is a list of senators elected today and their respective sub-clans:

1.   Aden Abdinasir Mohamed- Hadamo sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
2.   Ayan Adam Abdullahi- Hariin sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
3.   Senator Zamzam Ibrahim Ali- Hariin sub-clan, Mirifle clan
4.   Dr. Hussein Mohamed Dahir-Yeeladle sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
5.   Mohamud Abdinur Garabey- Geeladle sub-clan, Mirifle Clan

South West State must still elect three more senators.


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