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Mogadishu University Nursing degree comparable to that of the US- evaluation report

Monday August 2, 2021


MOGADISHU (HOL) - Students pursuing a degree in Nursing from Mogadishu University do not have to repeat the course in the U.S since their qualifications match those of their peers in U.S universities, an international evaluation organization in the U.S has established.

In its assessment of a nursing graduate from Mogadishu University, the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) found that a degree in Nursing from Mogadishu University is equivalent to those in U.S universities.

The Bachelor of Nursing is "comparable to the completion of a Bachelor of Nursing program in the United States," the assessment of a former Mogadishu University student, Lul Mohamed, read in part.

Mohamed completed her BSc in Nursing from Mogadishu University in 2011 and was subsequently registered as a nurse in Somalia. She later moved to the U.S, where the CGFNS evaluated her credentials.

In her appreciation to Dr. Abdullahi Aseyr, the founding member of the faculty of Nursing, Mohamed noted, "I am very proud to be one of the first persons who finally got to work for Bachelor degree of Nursing in the United States after evaluation."

Another former Mogadishu University student Elias Abdi, who is currently pursuing a doctorate in the U.S, observed that the validation was a significant milestone for Mogadishu University and the nursing fraternity in Somalia.

"The evaluation result shows that "Mogadishu University Bachelor's degree of Nursing is equivalent and comparable to the completion of Bachelor's degree of Nursing in the United States." with no additional clinical and theoretical hours required," Abdi said while thanking Dr. Aseyr.

"The report clearly shows that "Ministry of Health and Human Services-Somali Nursing License and registration is comparable to the registration of a first-level registered nurse in the United States." which means that the student has to undergo writing the Board Exam similar to the American students who graduated in the USA."

Mogadishu University is the oldest private university in Somalia, founded in 1997. 


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