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Somalia: Turkish Red Crescent distributes food parcels

Sunday April 25, 2021
By Mohammed Dhaysane

Turkish aid group it will continue food distribution during Muslim holy month of Ramadan

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Turkish Red Crescent conducted food distribution in Mogadishu's Kahda district on Saturday.

Red Crescent officials in Somalia who spoke to Anadolu Agency on the telephone said the group distributed more than 500 parcels of food to people in need, including those who are internal displaced in the capital, Mogadishu.

"Turkish Red Crescent has been conducting humanitarian aid activities in Somalia since 2011, distributed 500 food parcels to families in need in the Kahda region," said the head of a Turkish Red Crescent delegation, Orhan Kokcu.

The Turkish Red Crescent will continue to distribute food in Somalia during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and will distribute 7,000 parcels, it added.

More than 116,000 Somalis have been displaced by extreme water shortages since October 2020, according to a joint statement by the UN and Somali government earlier this month.

Most parts of the country is facing critical water shortages, with more than 50 districts facing moderate to severe drought conditions, according to the Somalia and UN office.


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