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Somaliland: Extension of Farmaajo’s term ‘tyrannical’ and threat to stability

Wednesday April 14, 2021

HARGEISA (HOL) - The breakaway region of Somaliland has warned against instability in Somalia and the broader region following the extension of President Mohamed Farmaajo's term, echoing similar concerns by the international community.

The Muse Bihi administration said the decision to extend the term of the president and that of parliament was 'tyrannical and oppressive.'

"Today's political stalemate is a testament to the oppressive and tyrannical leadership of the Farmaajo regime. His administration is an absolute threat to the security and stability of the region. If unchecked, it could plunge Somalia into a fresh civil war that may conceivably compel the displacement of thousands of civilians into the neighbouring countries, including the Republic of Somaliland," a statement by the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs read in part.

Somaliland also called on neighbouring countries to remain 'vigilant' in light of potential instability in Somalia.

The remarks add to increasing concerns locally and internationally following the Lower House of the Federal Parliament's unilateral resolution on Monday.

The UK, US and the European Union have since warned of possible sanctions and aid cuts to Somalia unless the country's leadership goes back to the negotiating table to chart a way forward for elections.


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