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Somaliland President launches Ministry Of Education projects

Tuesday April 13, 2021

Hargeisa (HOL) - The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, has inaugurated 106 buildings for the Somaliland Ministry of Education on Sunday, including the 'Aqoon-jirre' program and the Somaliland education channel.

The buildings inaugurated by the President are a large building for the ministry, 100 schools and five libraries.

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Aqoon-jirre is a program established by the Ministry of Education that is aimed at remote rural areas. The project will deliver solar-powered tablets loaded with educational programming to students with the least access.

Somaliland will also broadcast educational programming on state television.

"We are launching two major projects, 106 schools, a technology program, and the lessons will be delivered in rural areas," said Minister of Education Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Torno.

"There is also a TV, a 24-hour section of national TV, and another TV show that will make a channel for you," he added.

The President of Somaliland urged the Ministry of Education to ensure students are taught entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance.

"The Ministry of Education is required to impart entrepreneurial skills to students under their care so that our people can be self-reliant. Only then can we develop ourselves," said the President. The projects will boost the educational needs of Somaliland students.

These programs, if implemented, will go a long way in meeting the educational needs of Somaliland students.


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