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Mentally unsound 16 year old girl gang-raped in Garowe

Saturday September 12, 2020

GAROWE (HOL) -  A 16 year mentally unsound girl was gang raped and tortured in Garowe Friday.

The mother, of the girl, Deeqo Mohamed Abdi who spoke to the media said her daughter was raped and tortured Friday by two men.

The visibly disturbed woman said her daughter had been missing for hours when she learnt she had been abused.

She said the girl may have been kidnapped from their home before she was subjected to horrid ordeal.

Police said they had arrested one of the perpetrators while the other one was still on the run.

The incident comes over a year after a 12 year old girl widely identified as Aiysha Aden was gang-raped and murdered in Galkaayo town of central Somalia.

Three of the offenders were later executed while a fourth one was let alive after the two families negotiated a ‘blood money’ settlement.


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