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Dr Aweys Omar Mohamud: Presidential Campaign Announcement Cermony

At a small-scale ceremony held at the IofC London Centre in the UK on Wednesday, 4th November 2020, Dr Aweys Omar Mohamoud has announced his candidacy for President of the Federal Government of Somalia in the up-coming parliamentary and presidential elections for 2020/2021.
In his Presidential Campaign address, Dr. Aweys Mohamoud expounded his ideas about the way forward, and shared with his audience (very few in number owing to Corona Virus restrictions) a detailed post-election agenda, including (1) how he would come up with actions and initiatives that signal new beginnings to build trust in an inclusive way across society; (2) how he would  build legitimacy by connecting the government and the governed, and by exercising political power to enforce the rule of law, in the pursuit of justice; (3) how he would do everything in his power to fulfil the obligations that form the basis of state-society relations, such as rights and protections, freedom and justice, and the accountability of the government to the governed; (4) how he would promote education (a topic that is very close to his heart) for peaceful transformation of society; and (5) how he would address the challenges of out-of-school children, reintegration, youth unemployment, and social and economic reconstruction of the country.

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