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Somaliland president fires six governors, announces new replacements

Monday June 29, 2020

HARGEISA (HOL) - Somaliland president Muse Bihi has sent home six regional governors and announced replacements will be made immediately.

A statement from the presidency Monday noted the governors of Awdal, Sanag, Sahil, Hawd, Gabiley and Sarar had been relieved of their duties.

NEWSINSIDEThe affected governors are Mohamed Ahmed Alin (Awdal), Ahmed Osman (Sanag), Ahmed Mohamed (Sahil), Ahmed Ige (Hawd), Abdikarim Adan (Gabiley) and Mohamed Osman of Sarar region.

The presidency said the changes were made in accordance with the constitution.

“In consideration and knowledge and experience outlined in article 90 of the constitution, the President appointed these officials to take over gubernatorial posts of these regions,” the statement reads in part.

Somaliland contest territorial ownership of Sool and Sanag with Puntland.


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