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Lawmakers settle on deal to settle unpaid wages in Galmudug

Wednesday July 29, 2020

Dhusamareb (HOL)  - Galmudug Speaker of Parliament Dr Mohamed Ga'al and opposition lawmakers have reached an agreement on the salaries of lawmakers.

The two sides sat down after a dinner meeting with the Vice President of Galmudug.

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The meeting was convened by the Dhuusamarreeb-based state assembly and Vice President, Ali Dahir Eid, and the parties discussed the reasons behind the differences that led to the working on the motion against the Speaker of Galmudug parliament.

Lawmakers are said to have been without pay for several months, instead claiming that the speaker did not support them.

The two sides to find a solution as rumours swirled about a potential no-motion vote against the speaker.

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