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Garissa Woman Rep. Under Fire for 'Pledging Allegiance' to Somalia

Monday December 21, 2020

Garissa Woman Representative Anab Subow Gure is under fire from Kenyans over her apparent allegiance to Somalia.

This comes after she posted on social media pictures of herself posing next to the flag of Somalia and a portrait of Somali president Mohammed Farmaajo.

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Subow claims that her security detail has since been withdrawn, adding that there has been unusual police presence around her residence.

“A contingent of police officers has also been seen in and around my estate the better part of today. Even if you withdraw my security, I have Allah The Almighty to protect me against any harm,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I cannot be intimidated nor coerced by anybody. I am available and can be summoned at any time of the week but not intimidations and arm-twisting. We’re not in a police state. Kenya is a sovereign country.”

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The photos also angered Kenyans online who questioned her loyalty at a time when Kenya and Somalia are embroiled in a bitter diplomatic row.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir wrote: “Displaying a President and flag of an enemy state in a public office is treason and treachery.” 

East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Abdikadir Aden defended the politician saying there is nothing wrong with posing with another nation’s flag. 

“Whoever is seeking to arrest Gure for apparently being seen to like President Farmaajo and standing next to Somalia’s flag is wrong. How many times have we seen citizens waving the flags of other nations, including the US’s, in the open? Somalia is not at war with Kenya,” Aden, a former MP for Balambala said.

Last week, Somalia cut diplomatic ties with Kenya and expelled Kenyan diplomats from the country. The Somali government accused Kenya of constantly meddling in the country’s internal and political affairs. 


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