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Lockdown and closure of borders did not stop coronavirus, - chief epidemiologist of Sweden

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Monday April 27, 2020

People at an outdoor restaurant in Stockholm this week. Photograph: Tt News Agency/Reuters 

The chief epidemiologist of Sweden, the author of the Swedish strategy for combating coronavirus Anders Tegnell believes that the closure of borders and lockdown in Europe could not stop the spread of coronavirus, Berlingske reports.

"In all countries, they are aware that it is possible to stop the virus only with the presence of mass immunity or with the help of an effective vaccine. None of these exist yet. All other measures that are being taken in the world today are temporary solutions," he said.

The Swedish strategy is slightly different from the European one - schools and kindergartens are not closed there, institutions are open.

"We in Sweden proceeded from our traditions and common sense, so we did slightly different things. We did not close the society. In other countries, politicians are not fully aware of what it means to try to keep people isolated for many months. Pandemic will not end quickly, and we can stick to our soft strategy for a very long time," he said.

There are few restrictions, but they exist: mass events of more than 50 people are prohibited, only open verandas and platforms work in restaurants, older people are advised to avoid social contacts, company leaders were asked to transfer employees to a remote work.

A depressing picture in the Turkish, Syrian and Somali communities in Sweden testifies in favor of the version about the role of civic consciousness in the phenomenon of the Swedish “miracle” - morbidity and mortality in groups that did not absorb Swedish culture and self-discipline are significantly higher than in the whole country.

According to Anders Tegnell, the lockdown has no scientific basis.

"We monitored publications where they explained the need for these measures, and did not see any intelligible scientific justification. Practice has shown that anywhere in Europe it was not possible with these measures to significantly slow down the spread of the virus. In my opinion, it’s stupid to close borders, because Covid- 19 now exists in every European country. We are much more worried that it does not spread within Sweden ... ", he says.

As reported, during the pandemic, Sweden pursues a completely different policy from other European countries - the government rejects lockdown as a means of counteracting the spread of coronavirus. The country has schools, kindergartens, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, hairdressers and fitness clubs opened.



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