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Entry of Israeli-UAE intelligence into Socotra fractures Yemeni secessionist movement

Thursday October 1, 2020


Tension is mounting within the Yemeni secessionist Southern Transitional Council following the entry of UAE and Israeli intelligence into the Socotra island controlled by the movement.

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A faction within the movement has publicly protested the presence of intelligence officials from the two countries which recently normalized relations.

STC senior official Salem Abdullah Al Socotri has lashed out at the Israeli-UAE operatives in a move sources said could upset a faction of the movement which is staunchly allied to the Emirati regime.

According to sources privy to the development, STC was coerced into accepting the entry of the intelligence officials by Abu Dhabi which has been sponsoring the secessionist movement.

The entry of the Israeli-UAE spy teams happened barely three days after the two countries signed a historic deal that normalized relations August 13.

Sources noted the normalization of relations between UAE and Israel could further open intelligence opportunities in the strategic Socotra Island including the entry of American intelligence networks.

President Donald Trump played a key role in ending years of cold relations between Israel and UAE.


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