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Ex-President Shariff steps in over row in HirShabelle ahead of presidential poll

Monday November 2, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) -   Former President Shariff Sheikh Ahmed Sunday engaged political and clan leaders in Jowhar on Sunday amid simmering political tensions in the region following clan disputes ahead of hotly contested presidential elections.

Sources close to the developments have told HOL the former head of state intervened after it emerged that a political row is building up between two major clans with the Federal Government heavily favouring one candidate over the other.

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The parliamentary leadership election is slated for Wednesday this week. The lead up to the presidential elections in HirShabelle has been marred by political interference from the Federal Government and power struggle among clans in Somalia's youngest federal member state.

Since parliamentary elections were held last week, it has emerged that some regional MPs selected by their clan have been removed from the list of lawmakers to be sworn in on Thursday.

HOL has also learned that the Federal Government indirectly appointed four members to the state electoral committee which will be responsible for the election of the Federal MPs and Senators in next month's polls.

The ability to appoint members to the state-level electoral committee rests with the regional governments. The agreement was made last September between the Federal government and federal member state leaders.

Sources have also told HOL Villa Somalia is backing one of the candidates in the race for the presidency.

Outgoing president Abdi Waare who enjoys a warm relationship with Mogadishu is said to be among the key people drumming up support for the federal government's candidate.

Elders have warned that the federal government's interference in Hirshabelle polls will negatively impact the credibility of the elections.

HirShabelle is made up of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions.


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