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Puntland’s Deni offers olive branch, hints at talks with Mogadishu

Friday March 20, 2020

GAROWE (HOL) - Puntland president Abdullahi Deni has hinted at a deal to ease tension with the Federal Government with the start of a visit to Mogadishu and engagement with other federal member states.

Speaking following the conclusion of a three days consultative meeting in Garowe, Deni said he was extending an olive branch to the Federal Government to mend fences and forge unity.

“I will visit Mogadishu to push for a meeting with the Federal Government and Federal Member States,”

Deni said in what is indicative of softening stance following months of icy relations with Mogadishu.

Deni’s remarks come barely a day after the meeting in Garowe hinted at a possibility of the easterly state going its way should the Federal Government ‘continue violating the Constitution’.

“If the FGS continues by neglecting and by-passing the Provisional Constitution and what was agreed  the during the adoption of Federalism, the Conference gives full powers to the government of Puntland which is responsible over the people of Puntland to take any action which saves the future of Puntland and its people and in accordance with the constitution,” a communique from the conference read in part.

A similar meeting bringing together the Federal Government and FMS leaders in Garowe last May collapsed on the second day as differences between the two sides reigned large.

By then, Galmudug was at loggerheads with the FGS over the impending elections as then President Ahmed Haaf held ground for a term extension when the FGS was pushing for an election in July.

The suggestion by Deni Thursday is much needed given pressing national issues such as the upcoming elections and need for closer cooperation between the two levels of government in response to the corona virus spread.


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