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‘Dusty run-way’ for $4.3m? Somalis online question cost of Barawe airport

Friday March 13, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) - The opening of the newly built Barawe Airport has been greeted with sharp criticism as Somalis online question the quality of the work noting the $4.3 million project did not match the output.

According to the Federal Government, the construction of the airport cost $4.3 million but pictures showing a dusty run-way has had Somalis questioning how the money donated by the European Union was utillised.

A Twitter user who did not see a correlation between the new facility and what went into realizing it sought the indulgence of the EU ambassador.

“With your respect sir the amount of project budget and job's done are not equivalent! The building I see is not more than 50k in anyway about the run way I guess bulldozer just cleared the ground all in all on my view on the here the job done will not even say it's 200k rather4m,” said Omar Khalid.

EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicholas Berlanga defended the project noting it was worthy and
that it was misreported.

“The picture may mislead you as 2,6 km tarmac airstrip is coloured as sand. Other pictures show building facilities and tower. Do not forget the impact to connect to external world a town threatened by terrorists. It has a proof of determination,” said Berlanga.

Multiple sources in the aviation sector who spoke to HOL on condition of anonymity questioned the return for value from the project.

Sources said the airport construction started during the tenure of former South West President Sharif Sheikh Adan.


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