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Showing of local film on Somali families March 17

APG Media
Friday March 13, 2020

Hawa Hassan’s family story is one of five shared in the documentary “Family Separation Stories.”

UWEC-Barron County is sponsoring a showing of the film “Somali Stories of Family Separation” at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17 in the Blue Hills Lecture Hall, on campus at 1800 College Drive in Rice Lake.

Somali storytellers featured in the film will be on hand for a discussion following the film, along with Nancy Pike, director of the Immigrant Advocates of Barron County, and Lee and Joel Friederich, co-directors of the movie. 

Joel Friederich is an Associate Professor of English at UWEC-BC; Lee Friederich is an Associate Professor at Akita International University in Japan. 

The film shares the stories of Somali refugees who have settled in Barron County and how U.S. immigration policies have directly impacted their families.  

“This documentary-style film challenges viewers to connect the evolving federal immigration policies with some of the real community members living in our area,” said Dang Yang, UW-Eau Claire Office of Multicultural Affairs director.



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