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Galmudug forces kill Al-Shabaab IED operative in Galkayo

Sunday June 7, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Al-Shabaab operative suspected to have been leading sleeping cell in Galkayo was killed on Saturday, Galmudug official confirmed.

Galmudug security minister, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi told the reporters that the regional forces backed by the federal elite troops neutralised Mohamed Hassan Farah who was IED expert.

"Acting on tips off, the forces launched operation to capture the man but he tried to resist by engaging clash with the forces. He was subsequently killed and the forces recovered his weapon," the minister explained.

The minister said the man together with unknown number of criminals had previously conducted assassinations in Mudug region.

"The man was well-known for his crimes in the region. With the help of other al-Shabaab sympathers, he killed number of people in Galkayo town and areas in the region," he said.

In seperate, the forces also nabbed a man suspected to be planning to fit IED to the minister's vehicle.

“The security forces have successfully detonated bomb was to be fitted to car by the suspect, the man behind this was arrested in the southern part of Galkayo last night,” said minister Fiqi.

According to the minister, the man who identified as Aweys Moalim Hassan was arrested.

"The man had been running bussines to guise his evil actions. But now the hand of the law has reached him and will be dealt as per the constitution," Fiqi said.


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