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No more elections based on clan lines and bloodshed-President Farmaajo

Saturday June 6, 2020


MOGADISHU (HOL) -  President Mohamed Farmaajo has reiterated his government’s commitment to holding one- person-one-vote elections in a transparent manner later this year.

Addressing a joint session of the Federal Parliament, President Farmaajo said Somalis are expecting to exercise their individual rights to vote noting time had come to select the country’s leaders differently.

“It’s clear that the elections we are planning to hold are different from the previous elections which took place in the country,” the president said.

Noting that time had come for Somali citizens to choose their own leaders without fear of violence.

The President called on the public to come out in large numbers and vote when time comes.

"I urge the Somali people to come out and vote freely and to vote for the party they want to overcome the deadly diseases such as tribalism, poverty and terrorism,” he noted.

The President assured that the upcoming elections will not be based on the clan system which has been the case in previous elections.

“Dear Parliamentarians, you have passed the elections bill which I have even assented to and I can assure you that this country will no longer hold elections based on clans or bloodshed,” the president added. “We are heading to an elections where every citizen will be able to vote and elect their favorite candidate and political party.”

Parliamentary elections are slated for October this year while a new president is expected to be elected in February 2021.

The president addressed the house after a section of lawmakers booed him.


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