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Deni to travel to UAE in August to discuss Bosaso port deal

Wednesday July 29, 2020

Puntland's Minister of Ports

Mogadishu (HOL) - Puntland Ports Minister Mohamed Abdi Osman (Majino) announced today that DP-world had not done any work since taking over the management of Bossaso port in 2017.

The minister told the Puntland parliament that DP-World would hold a final meeting to decide whether to start expanding the port or return it to Puntland.

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The minister said President Deni was heading to the United Arab Emirates in August, where a court case would be held between Puntland and DP-world leaders.

DP-World promised to start construction on the port last March; however, the onset of the global pandemic has pushed those plans back.

Minister Majino noted that Puntland could not easily withdraw from the agreement, which is an international agreement, saying that if they would face intense legal challenges.

Meanwhile, the Puntland parliament has postponed a review of the agreement, pending the outcome of the Dubai meeting.

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