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We didn’t shut down internet-Somali Government

Tuesday July 28, 2020


Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali Government has refuted claims it was responsible for the internet outage Sunday which affected the capital Mogadishu and several parts of the country.

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Telecommunications Minister Abdi Anshur distanced the Government from the outage echoing statements from local telcos that there a technical fault.

The country’s largest provider Hormuud Telecom attributed the hitch to a fault on the submarine cable occasioned by strong winds in the Indian Ocean.

Anshur lauded the telecommunications companies for working to fix the problem which left the country offline for about 24 hours.

An internet freedom pressure group Netblocks denied there was any adverse weather conditions in the sea when the outage occurred. The civil society group suggested the shutdown was related to the ouster of former prime Minister Hassan Khaire last Friday.

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