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Fast-track IGAD reforms to address regional challenges-President Farmaajo

Wednesday July 15, 2020


Mogadishu (HOL) - President Mohamed Farmaajo has called for a speedy restructuring of the regional bloc IGAD in accordance with previous agreements to enable it robustly respond to challenges affecting the region.

Speaking during the 36th Heads of State Summit via video link, President Farmaajo said the COVID19 pandemic and other challenges facing the region need an effective response from a reformed IGAD.

 β€œIn order to ensure that the IGAD Secretariat is well prepared for the IGAD reconstruction and recovery efforts beyond COVID-19, we must accelerate institutional reform and rehabilitation and restructuring IGAD in accordance with our previous agreement,” President Farmaajo said.

Besides COVID19, the region is also facing a desert locust invasion which has destroyed thousands of acreage of land. The UN has warned the locusts invasion risks plunging the region into a food crisis. The Somali leader also hailed the peace process in South Sudan and security cooperation in the region.

 "I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by all parties working towards the peace agreement and strengthening security co-operation,” Farmaajo said.

 β€œI also welcome the ongoing process of integrating and rebuilding South Sudan's inclusive security and civilian institutions. "

The Summit focused its discussions on the peace process in South Sudan.


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