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Galmudug parliament to elect new speaker tomorrow

Thursday January 16, 2020

DHUSAMAREEB (HOL) - Newly selected MPs in Galmudug will tomorrow elect a new speaker for the state assembly to pave way for presidential election.

By close of business Thursday, three candidates- Mohamed Nur Ga’al, Abdinassir Adan Osman and Abdullahi Ahmed Alasow had been cleared to contest for speakership after fulfilling requirements by the House Elections Committee.

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The MPs, 89 in total were sworn in on Sunday following a lengthy selection process which saw Alhu Sunna Wal Jamaa group allocated 20 seats in the new parliament.

Upon the election of the speaker, the new assembly will prepare to elect a new president based on a 50+1 formula. Immediate former Public Works Minister Ahmed Abdi Kariye will be battling it with former Interior Minister and current MP Abdirahman Odowaa alongside former Villa Somalia chief of staff Kamal Gutale.

Outgoing president Ahmed Haaf has since dismissed the composition of the new parliament accusing the Federal Government of interference.

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