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Wagalla Massacre campaigner Abdi Omar dies in Nairobi

Wednesday January 8, 2020

OTTAWA (HOL) - Kenyan-Somali activist, Abdi Omar (Yalahow) who campaigned for compensation of the victims of the Wagalla Massacre in North Eastern Kenya has died.

Omar who has been a resident of Ottawa, Canada passed on Tuesday in Nairobi. Prior to his death, Omar was Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO) who supports the needs of immigrant and refugee families in Ottawa schools. Somali community in Ottawa  widely known Mr. Omar for his commitment and support to the welfare of  newly arrived Somali refugees.

Omar has been a strong campaigner for the victims and families of the infamous Wagalla Massacre in 1984 in which Kenyan security forces are reported to have killed thousands of ethnic Somalis.

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The Kenyan government had put the number of those who were killed at only 75 but multiple sources said upwards of 5,000 people most of them men were killed.

The Kenyan government which had denied responsibility for the killings publicly acknowledged the wrong doing on the part of the security and went ahead to probe the matter through the then Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. There’s yet concrete move on the Kenyan government regarding the matter.

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