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Meet Space Art Contest Finalist, Nurdin Mohamed!

Thursday February 27, 2020
Vina Lapkes

Meet one of our finalists! Nurdin Mohamed is Asgardia’s resident since 2017 and an active member of the First Space Nation’s community. Nurdin is Somali and lives in Kenya. He is now getting a degree in computer science at United States International University in Nairobi. Nurdin’s interest in digital art started the same time he had joined the First Space Nation three years ago. 

The artist calls himself a ‘literal lucid dreamer’, once he even had a dream about being a governor of one of the Asgardia’s future space stations. ‘I think what motivated me to be an artist was that space dream. I wanted to relive those moments in that dream and the only way was to visualize it,’ shares Nurdin ‘I wanted to relive those moments in that dream and the only way was to visualize it.’ 

He started learning creative media applications in order to recreate his dream as realistically as possible. In the past years, Nurdin has evolved in the field, gaining a lot of knowledge and experience during the artistic process.

A participant of Asgardia National Award design, a winner of the #CrazyforAsgardia competition, a mayor candidate and an active resident, Nurdin didn’t want to miss out on the Asgardia’s Parliamentary Space Art Contest. He has submitted two artworks to the competition, one of them called  'One view' has passed to the finale.

In his work, Nurdin depicts an astronaut having a break from EVA works to enjoy the view of Asgardia. An astronaut hidden behind a reflective helmet looks at the asteroid mining process, successful Earth protection from space hazards and a space ark. The view is quite breathtaking! 

Nurdin believes that future Earth-based or space-based societies will need art to be a part of their world more than ever before. He explains it by the rapid development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, saying that humanity would require art to become more creative and live happily in the future. 

‘What inspires me about Asgardia is its ambition to unite mankind, protect humanity's creative, visionary and free-thinking people, humanity's history, genome and knowledge in a new frontier,’ concludes Nurdin.



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