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Somalia rebukes Kenya over reports KDF flew Janan to Beled-Hawo

Wednesday February 5, 2020

NAIROBI (HOL) - Somalia has protested against what it termed as Kenya’s political and security interference following reports that wanted Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Janan was flown to Beled-Hawo in Somalia Monday by the Kenyan military.

A statement from the Ministry of Information noted ‘Somalia was dismayed’ by Kenya’s involvement in Somalia’s internal affairs adding such acts serve to damage ‘relations between the two countries’.

Adding that Kenya was using its troops under the AMISOM framework to interfere with the political and security situation in Somalia, the statement noted ‘Somalia will not accept any foreign interference’.

The statement follows reports that Janan who is wanted for prosecution in Mogadishu was reportedly flown by a Kenyan military chopper to Beled-Hawo before he returned to Mandera on the Kenyan side.
On Tuesday morning, Janan is reported to have crossed to El-wak in Somalia where he met local leaders there.

The Federal Government deployed over 200 soldiers to Belet-Hawo Monday and additional troops were flown from Mogadishu to Bardhere Tuesday.

The developments come a day after Somalia issued international warrant of arrest through INTERPOL on Janan and called on the Kenyan government to arrest and hand over Janan to Somalia where he is facing charges of human rights violations.

“The Federal Republic of Somalia places great importance on maintaining good relations with its neighbouring countries and the harbouring of a dangerous fugitive could seriously jeorpadise the good relations that has (sic) so far existed between Kenya and Somalia,” the statement from Somali Police Force read in part.

Somalia and Kenya had for the better part of 2019 maintained frosty relations following a fall-out on the maritime dispute. The two countries however struck a code in October to restore relations.


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