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Madobe says will ok Gedo elections if other FMS allow Farmaajo to control their poll centres

Thursday December 31, 2020

GAROWE (HOL) - Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe has challenged his fellow regional state leaders to surrender control of one of their voting centres to the Federal Government if they want him to agree with Farmaajo to allow elections in Gedo region.

Speaking during the ongoing forum in Garowe, Madobe stood ground on his conditions for withdrawal of federal troops in Gedo region to allow for elections there.

He said those pushing him to give way to Farmaajo should be also be willing experience the pressure he is facing in Gedo region.

“I am willing to accept elections to take place in Gedo region if all other Federal Member States can allow the Federal Government to control one of their towns where elections will take place,” the Jubbaland leader said.

Both Jubbaland and Puntland have refused to form state level elections committees citing long running disputes with the Federal Government.

Madobe also spoke about the severing of ties by Somalia with Kenya noting the decision was informed by ‘unfounded accusations.’

“They said Kenya pressured me to withdraw from the elections agreement but that was not true,” said Madobe.

The Jubbaland leader urged the opposition leaders to refrain from any acts which can lead to instability noting they be held responsible.

He pledged to invite Farmaajo to Garowe to engage with the opposition and regional government leaders.


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