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Madobe returns to Kismayo after political deal in Nairobi

Wednesday April 29, 2020

KISMAYO (HOL) - Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe who has been in Nairobi since early March has today arrived in Kismayo following a deal with his political rivals.

Speaking upon arrival at Sa’id Mohamed Airport, Madobe appealed for unity and reconciliation in the southern state noting his administration was committed to stabilising the region and pursuing development.

Madobe whose election was dismissed by the Federal Government last September said he is open for talks with Mogadishu to end the row and engage in development.

The Federal Government announced last September it would not recognise Madobe’s election and went ahead to unveil a plan for new elections.

There has been no word on the fresh polls since then.

President Madobe and his political rivals Abdirizak Hidig, Abdinasir Serar and Dahir Ahmed Sheikh announced a political deal last week ending months of disputes.

The opposition leaders, according to a communique acknowledged and recognised Madobe’s election.

Madobe also called for adherence to health practices to stem the spread of COVID19 cases in the state.


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