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Newly-elected Yorkshire MEP and former Sheffield Mayor, Magid Magid, to attend Green Party conference at Scarborough Spa

The Scarborough News
Wednesday June 5, 2019

Magid Magid is one of six MEPs for Yorkshire and the Humber.

North Yorkshire's new Green MEP will be visiting Scarborough this weekend to take part in the Green Party Conference at the Spa.

Magid Magid, 29, moved to Sheffield from Somalia when he was five and was both the youngest Lord Mayor the city has ever seen and the first Green Party councillor to take on the role.

He and 500 delegates will be in Scarborough from Friday, 7 to Sunday, 9 June.

The Conference is an opportunity for delegates to meet other like-minded members, learn more about the party’s policies and take part in training sessions, debates and networking.

One of the most popular debates is likely to be about ocean plastics and pollution.

This will take place from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday at the Spa.


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