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Ethiopia seizes 57 Kalashnikov, arrests more coup related

New Business Ethiopia
Monday July 8, 2019

The number of suspects arrested in Ethiopia in relation to the last month coup attempt has reached 223 in Bahir Dar city, over 140 in Addis Ababa, while 59 Kalashnikov guns with thousands of bullets are seized so far.

The investigation team in its statement today stated that the people arrested were in direct contact with Brigadier General Asaminaew Tsige, who reportedly mastermind the coup. Renting a house in Addis Ababa, Brigadier General Asaminaew Tsige was organizing groups who can commit crimes, according to the statement.

The detainees include Amhara region special force leaders, members and other people suspected of involving in the assassinations of officials of the Amhara region. The report also stated that the investigation team has found one Kalashinkov gun and one RAV4 Toyota as well as documents in Brigadier General Asaminaew Tsige house found in Burayu town in Oromia region of Ethiopia.

It is also stated that a former military member Fekadu Habtamu, who was involved in training special force of Amhara region, was found hiding with the wife of Brigadier General Asaminaew Tsige in the house. In a condominium house in Addis Ababa reportedly owned by Brigadier General Asaminaew

Tsige another Kalashinkov gun and different documents are found by the investigation team, according to the report.

The report also stated that in another house of Brigadier General Asaminaew Tsige found in Sebeta town of Oromia region, one Makarov pistol, with pistols and documents showing his team structure in Addis Ababa.

In relation to the coup attempt in Addis Ababa and the killings of Amhara region officials in Bahir Dar, 60 suspects are arrested in Addis Ababa. In addition, the investigation team has also seized a number of weapons supposed to be used for terror with 84 suspects.

The report further stated that another 10 people are also arrested for involving in circulation of different countries’ currency. They were planning to use the money for criminal activities, according to the report of the joint investigation team (Security and Justice Joint team). The team involves experts from federal attorney, military, intelligence, federal police and information network security agency.


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