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'They will send us to hell', Farah Maalim warns against Somalia invasion

Monday December 30, 2019

Former Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim at a past event. [Source/Farah Maalim/Facebook]

Former Lagdera MP Farah Maalim has warned against any plans by Kenya to invade Somalia.

This is after Prof Makau Mutua called for dismemberment of Somalia following Saturday's horrific car implosion that left at least 90 people dead in Mogadishu.

"For God’s sake, Somalia is beyond reclamation. Post-colonial’s Humpty Dumpty has reached its nadir. Let’s face facts — neighboring states need to DISMEMBER so-called Somalia and take all of its parts for the sake of the world," Makau Mutua said in a tweet.

Farah Maalim, who is a former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, said it would be a dangerous affair for Kenya to join hands with its neighbours in an attempt to divide up Somalia.

"Ask the experienced Ethiopians and Americans when they tried to muscle their way into Mogadishu. Then ask yourself if our Kenya can survive such for half a day. My good friend Ethiopia was never the same after Mogadishu and TPLF lost for good. They will easily send us to hell. Avoid!" he tweeted on Sunday.

The former MP said people should not assume that since Somalis were fighting among themselves it would be easy to take over the war-ravaged nation due to the current happenings.

"One Golden Rule all neighbours of Somalia need to internalize and register in their memory is that Somalis fight among themselves until an intruder joins the fray. They will then postpone the internal conflict, join forces, expel the intruder first then negotiate their conflict," he noted in another tweet.

Lately, Kenya and Somalia have not been seeing eye to eye over a maritime dispute which is expected to be resolved by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


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